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Date: 22nd August 2016
HIFU Face Lifting And Wrinkle Removal Beauty Therapy Device
Instrument introductionThe latest home use American HIFU, which is a new generation of home use anti-wrinkleand anti-aging trump instrument developed by American Myron Medical Cosmetic Research Institution.It not only inherits advantages of large HIFU, such as obvious effect, safe and noninvasive, lifting in thedeep and no recovery period, but also is small and portable, easy to operate, safe in operation andwith comfortable experience. It enables people to experience the most advanced ultrasonic cosmetictechnology safely and comfortably at home, while the HIFU cosmetology currently can only be experiencedat the institute. The second generation of small HIFU has won the First Prize at the California IndustrialDesign Exhibition.What is the SMAS fascia layer?If we regard facial skin as a house, the fascia layer is the foundation to support the house, fascialigaments are the columns. Once the foundation is not stable, shifting and dumping, the house willcollapse as well. In like manner, if the fascia is aging and losing support power, winkles and loosewill follow. As the pillars to support facial contour, the fascia layer is the foundation of elastic andfirm skin; therefore, the key reason for aging and droopy skin is fascia layer aging, the way tolift the contour is to tighten the subcutaneous fascia layer which can only be done with the HIFU innon-operation action.Treatment depth and temperatureIt's mainly used for facial skin tissue relaxation, too much wrinkle and aging and rough skin, withthe effects of reshaping the face curve and effectively lift loose and droopy skin around eyes and ofthe neck tissue.1. Facial anti-aging and anti-wrinkle Deep winkle, fold, forehead wrinkle, lifting nasolabial groove,lip wrinkle, brow wrinkle, tightening neck skin, eliminating double chin, face lifting;2. Eye anti-wrinkle Eye wrinkle, crow's feet, pouch and tightening the loose skin around eyes.Product AccessoriesFAQ1.Home use HIFU has more evident effects:Answer: It has three probes, the treatment depth are 1.5 mm, 3.0 mm and 4.5 mm respectively. Ithas strong penetration and can operate on multiple positions simultaneously, which is more efficientthan those which can only work on one position at a time.2. What are the differences between home use HIFU and large-scale HIFU used in the beautysalon?Answer: There are two differences. One difference: Home use HIFU provides higher safety thanlarge-scale HIFU! In order to ensure safety of user's operation, HIFU energy output of home useHIFU is low, and the output is approximately one third of the large-scale one's. The other difference:Home use HIFU is easy to operate, and suitable for all adults. Large-scale HIFU requires higheroperation skills, which can only be operated by those with Medical License, otherwise it may resultin medical accident.3. Home use HIFU and large-scale HIFU used in the beauty salon, which is more effective?Answer: In long term, the two types of HIFU have identical effect. Large-scale HIFU energy isstrong; one treatment will provide evident effect. Due to safety consideration, the energy output ofHome use HIFU is weaker, the energy output of each operation equals only to one third of thelarge-scale one's. Thus, extending application time of home use HIFU will provide an identicaleffect of the large-scale one's.4. How long will it take to see evident effect?Answer: Test results indicate that two times of application for users who have fatter face, older skinage, more wrinkles and flabby skin will realize evident effect. Users who have younger skin age,higher skin compactness and fewer real wrinkles normally need one course of treatment to seeevident effect. (5 times as a course of treatment)
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