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Date: 22nd August 2016
Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine 808nm
Product Description:808nm diode laser system for hair removal - permanent hair remove in 4-6 sessions, suitable for skin type I-IV. Fast treatment, safe and painless. Also work on skin rejuvenation, skin whiten and skin tighten. With output 500 watt power, effective, good quality.It works on:1. Permanent hair removal, much painless, fast treatment, effective result.2. Skin lightening, skin rejuvenation, whiten skin.?3. Skin tighten, skin lift.?Technical Specifications:Light sources: Diode (continuous wave)Laser wavelength: 808nmSpot size: 12mm*12mmFluency: Up to 120J/cm2(HR mode); Up to 20J/cm2(FHR mode)Pulse duration: 2.88~345msRepetition rate: Up to 10HzDelivery: Direct coupling through sapphire tipElectrical: 110/220V 15A max 50/60HzImportant Characteristics:A) Strong & Competent Water Management System:Most of the basic parameter and design of 808 machines is similar with others. But compared with most of the other machines one big advantage of our 808 laser is that we have strong water management system, which avoiding using of Freon compressor.As you may know, for 808nm diode system, the water management & filtration is very important. Most of the companies had the 808nm machines very early but they are not able to deal with the water management technology very well.?B) Self-checking Function:Self-checking is a new system we put inside new models of 2012. it is a big update upon our technology so we call these new models"2nd generation products". When the machine is working the self-checking system will check the machine automatically. It will check the water cooling system, electronic system, and laser generator working.etc. Once there is problem somewhere. It will report to the control system and show on the screen display the code we set for the exact spare part. This system is to ensure the safety use of the machine and no harm to human body. If the problem is serious the machine will be cut off automatically. Meantime it gives great assistance to the after-sales services. This is convenient for instrument maintenance and improves maintenance efficiency.Advantage:1.No topical anesthetic is required, eliminating lengthy treatment preparation2.No treatment gel is used during high speed treatment ,saving additional time and money3.High speed sliding mode reduces treatment times4.Totally painless and permanent treatment5.Safe and effective for all parts of body6.Security by Mico. Control technology7.Touch screen and self-checking system8.Fast reinvest, minimum consumption costsFeatures1?Add hardware system of water quality detection?Cooling-Water quality is one of key important for diode laser machine,especially in micro-channel diode laser system. But most machines now in the market have no any detection of cooling-water inside. There has no substantive judgment by any detection.So how to make sure that 1)the cooling-water is really always no problem after using for a while; 2) the filters inside are really always changed timely in the reasonable time; 3) the cooling-water replacement or supplement by users is really always no problem?Water quality detection added could confirm the cooling-water inside is really no any problem, no any harmful to the micro-channel diode modules inside. The risk of micro-channel blocking is reduced in maximum.(just give after clients shows interests in above questions)?2?Filters inside replacementThere?s no way if there have no any filters in diode laser system. Filters replacement should be done according to the operation manual.How could you make sure that filters is really changed timely according to the manual? And shall we send a engineer to there only just for filters replacement by car, by train, even by air?To install a intelligent filter suit in diode laser system is adopted by us. And change the structure design to enhance filters could be replaced easily by End-users. Then the issue of timely filters replacement could be confirmed by both sides. Factory or distributors does not need to make a date for filters replacement. The machine will give a signal automatically.Easy work & Easy service.?Then potential risk caused by filters are reduced a lot.(just give after clients shows interests in above questions)?3?Optimization of cooling-water pressure and flowGive a high water flow at 3L/min (which is more 0.5L/min than normally diode machine) but with a reasonable water pressure.?And also make water pressure protection on the real point of inlet of diode laser modules.?Above two optimization enhance the heat dissipation of diode laser modules, more steady-works, and more longer life-span.(just give after clients shows interests in above questions)?4?Rational uses of lasers1?Set light pulse strictly according to the diode laser standardsStrictly abiding by micro-channel laser duty radio index, set a reasonable energy output and keep the duty radio under 40% which is most manufacturer ignored of, to reduce the resulting thermal damage.80j/cm2at 1Hz, 28j/cm2at 6Hz, 16j/cm2at 10Hz is reasonable for hair removal. Prohibit high duty ratio to reduce the resulting thermal damage.Energy output diagnose as below:Spot Size?12?12mm2Frequency1Hz2Hz3Hz4Hz5Hz6Hz7Hz8Hz9Hz10HzEnergy Density max. ? ? ?(j/cm2)806048383228242018162?360o protection of the diode laser modulesIn order to avoid the damage caused by electrical noise for lasers,like over-voltage & over-current, an extra hardware protection is installed at the closest point to laser modules.(just after clients shows fear of ?laser modules burning problem, or comparing with others system)?5?Under 33? cooling-water confirmed even 24 hours continues workSuper heat radiator adopted have more 1.5 times radiation capacity than most other system. Even the ambient temperature is 28?, the cooling temperature just increase 5?. Temperature increase less, then thermal damage less cause, and life spam extend more.6?Optimization of control system1?Extra real-time detection installed of output of laser power supply;2?Real-time detection info showed on the screen is directly seen even by operators;3?Auto detection, and self judgment of damaged parts;4?Extra voltage & current detection of laser input installed; keep the original voltage & current detection of laser power supplier;Double checking system enhance the laser output stability and safety. ? ??Packing & Shipping Details:?Package dimension: ?400mm*330mm*1200mmWeight: 55kgGross weight:70kgShipment: DHL, FEDEX, TNT, Airway, Seaway is acceptable.?
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