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Date: 22nd August 2016
Body Shaping Cavitation Machine
Application?Body shaping , body circumference reduction, cellulite reduction, skin tightening, wrinkle removal , skin surface smooth, massage, eyelid areatreatment.Working principle?AM -V8C1 combined five technology to achieve the slimming result .?1 . 40k handle , is combine Vacuum and 40k Low frequency ultrasonic ,when skin is lift up by Vacuum , 40k ultrasonic will continuously act on the fat cells ,it produces huge cavity phenomenon (bubble) inside fatty tissue and broken part of cell membrane finally.The ultrasound energy heats the fat tissue layer and stimulates the fat cells to release their lipid content without rupturing the cell membrane.then push the lipids (inclusion and hangover) away from the fatcells and into the lymphatic system.2 , No.1 &No.2 handle technology principle . These two handles are powered by RF, Near Infrared laser, Vacuum , Rollers .First Vacuum lift the aimed skin ,then 940nm Laser directly heat efficiency to the muscle and arthrosis, with the temperature rise up , it could highly reduce the impedance for energy transferring . At the same time RF energy start to melt the fat cells ,restructure the rough surface skin ,speed up human being?s metabolism, impel the liquid fat to outflow away from fat cell and be matabolized out of the body, so as to get ideal result of ?body shaping and slimming .?Rollers have a massage effect for the surface and dermis tissue , to make skin look more smooth and tightened .?3 , The small handle is designed for face anti aging use . Technology include RF ,vacuum and Near Infrared laser .Vacuum lift skin on face or around eye area. RF and NIL act on the surface and dermis tissue ,to clear the dead and old cells in the dermis and stimulate the collagen rebirth .?Advantages?1,perfect result with combining five technology together , to get the body shaping ,skin tightening ,wrinkle removal expect.?2, Easy to operate with four fast connect handle , both host interface and handle interface have TFT screen for operation . Easy and elegant design for the interface and buttons .3.IC card management , highly improved the manage efficiency .?4. On-line checking system to speed up the after salve service .?5. Powerful inner system to ensure machines long time working .?6.Latest Technology with comfortable customers experience and good feed backs .Technical Specifications:Pulse width :0.5s-7.5sVacuum1. Absolute pressure:90kpa-25kpa (68.4cmHg-19cmHg)2. Relative pressure: 10kpa-75kpa (7.6cmHg-57cmHg)Roller speed :0-36rpmSafety Testing Mode ?:Real-time onlineRF frequency: ?1 MHzEnergy Density of RF ?:60J/ c m3 (Max)Cavitation frequency ?: 40kHzCavitation Power : 60W (Max)Total handpieces :4 handpieces with 6 tipsTreatment area of handpiece ?: 4mm?7mm / 8mm?25mm / 30mm?44mm /?40mm?66mm / 90mm?120mmLaser wavelength : 940nmLaser power : 20 W(Max )Net weight : 46kgPhysical Dimension: 480*410*1015Gross wieght : 90kgPhysical Dimension of the machine case: 740*560*1193mm.Payment, Delivery & Warranty of AM-V8C1:PaymentT/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal, CashDeliveryDHL, TNT, UPS air express door to doorWarranty1 year for the machine ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Advantages1. Prices are allowed to discuss. 2. Patient explanation of any questions. 3. No middleman. No extra charge. 4. Fast and safe deliver. 5. We are both R&D center and manufacturer. Any order could be fulfilled 6. OEM and ODM service are provided 7. Our products can be sold throughout the world without any problems. 8. Email us for more questions and info.
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